PIVETEAUBOIS Equipment for local authorities

PIVETEAUBOIS is a well-established and qualified industrial manufacturer of equipment for local authorities.

PIVETEAUBOIS is driven by a sustainable development strategy and uses 100% of the tree.

All our products are manufactured according to our sustainable development principles and are clean, durable and high quality. Our commitment to innovation, waste recycling and ecoconception enables us to create functional, qualitative, well-designed and durable products.

We offer timber solutions that were specifically conceived, manufactured and targeted at public and private authorities, camp sites, hospitals, amusement parks, associations, landscape architects, public works etc

Our industrial tooling and production facilities enable us to fulfill custom orders and offer solutions that meet your specific requirements.

We provide dedicated and personal sales support throughout France and maintain a permanent stock of over 25,000 m3.

Discover our range of products for local authorities equipment:

  • Road: crash barrier systems, fencing and bollards
  • Noise reduction: acoustic panels
  • Landscaping: panels, fencing, furniture, timber and composite timber decking, pontoons, timber stake borders, timber for coastal and river defences, avalanche defences,
  • Building: cladding and decking