Production Sites

We are growing and developing our primary and secondary wood processing activities on 3 production sites.

  • PIVETEAUBOIS in Vendée: Pine and Douglas Fir specialists
  • FARGES in Corrèze: Spruce, Douglas Fir and Larch specialists
  • SYLVA in Poland: Pine specialists

Fully integrated expertise

We control all manufacturing stages, from careful selection of the wood to timber delivery, including wood processing operations such as sawing, kiln-drying, planing, bonding, finishing, machining, assembling, extrusion and impregnation.
In order to have total quality control, we have integrated all the wood trades to support you, from designers to engineers and account managers, from timber buyers to project managers as well as workshop managers and industrial production managers.
In 2014, our log throughput was 700,000m3 and our wood pellet production was 200,000 tons.

A socially responsible and sustainable company

As part of this sustainable strategy, we sort all our waste, harvest rainwater for wood impregnation, reduce the use of treatment products and optimise our transport to minimize its impact on the environment.

An exemplary company in the timber industry

At PIVETEAUBOIS, we strive to do our best to give back to timber what timber has given to us. We are actively involved in trade associations and organisations committed to promoting wood in all its forms. We help in the creation of product standards, in writing technical documents (UTDs) and contribute our expertise and knowledge to trade federations. We attend all major local and international trade shows.