PIVETEAUBOIS Garden & landscaping

For each project, there is a PIVETEAUBOIS solution. From small ornamental gardens to large-scale public works, PIVETEAUBOIS always provides a response perfectly adapted to its customers’ expectations. Its industrial power, its permanent stocks, its capacity to adapt, guarantee a faultless quality of service for all projects.

Creating Wood’s future

At PIVETEAUBOIS, creation is our driving force.
Ever since the company was established, we have been innovating to offer an increasing range of timber solutions.
Every year is an opportunity for us to let you discover new products, original designs, new visual appearances and unique finishes.

Beautiful products for all tastes and styles

Always tuned to market and consumer expectations, PIVETEAUBOIS constantly creates new products perfectly adapted to the times and individual styles.

Nymphea and Arifi panels, Papyrus and Berline fences, Asti acoustic panels, uniquely designed carports are a few illustrations of how PIVETEAUBOIS’ engineering and design department innovates to give timber new perspectives.