Our Values

Since its creation in 1948, PIVETEAUBOIS has become a key player in the French timber industry. Its passion for wood, its commitment to the development of the local timber industry and its extensive expertise have turned the family-run business into a major force in the timber industry and a major player in the market. The company has grown while respecting its fundamental core values: passion for the material, a commitment to innovation, a respect for their employees and their security, and a strong social and environmental commitment.

A passion for wood

For over 65 years, the passion and professionalism of PIVETEAUBOIS have played a vital role in countless construction and fitting-out projects. We strive every day to achieve continuous improvement of our processes and innovation in our product lines in order to better meet your needs and those of your customers. Our commitment to being approachable and forward-thinking, along with the values of loyalty and quality, have ensured our growth, and our production is carried out with full respect for the conservation and development of our forests. The extensive scope of the PIVETEAUBOIS range guarantees a high level of performance and innovation for all your projects.
Let’s live and breathe the spirit of wood together!

Zero waste

Timber is far too precious a resource to be wasted. This is why PIVETEAUBOIS processes 100% of all selected trees.
Any material that is not suitable for building products is converted into energy or used for Wex or wood pellets.

Leveraging economy and ecology

At PIVETEAUBOIS, nature conservation has always been a core value.

  • We help to preserve the environment by producing our own green energy.
  • Our stringent sustainable development policy has helped us achieve a positive carbon footprint.
  • Our manufacturing processes are implemented on all our sites to keep shipping to a minimum.