Born from ecological and economic motivations, the family business produces heat, electricity and wood pellets by recycling its production waste such as sawdust and wood chips.

PIVETEAUBOIS offers clean, economical and ecological fuel for wood pellet heating systems. Thanks to low-temperature drying, our expert knowledge of wood and our control of the entire supply chain, our PELLETS are of constant and superior quality. They are made exclusively of softwood particles, which are dried and then compressed without glue or additives.

The softwood species used in our production (Sylvester Pine, Maritime Pine, Douglas Fir, Spruce, Larch) enable us to recycle our sawdust and turn it into a wood fuel that guarantees a maximum of energy (>5kwh/kg) for a minimum of ash (<0,2%).

PIVETEAUBOIS was the first sawmill in France to be to obtain the DIN PLUS Nb7A109 certification for its wood pellets. This is the only certification giving its customers a flawless quality guarantee for high-performing and efficient wood-burning stoves and boilers.

Thanks to 2 productions sites (Vendée and Corrèze) PIVETEAUBOIS is the leading French manufacturer of wood pellets with sales of over 200,000 tons in 2014.

PELLETS are available all year round. They can be delivered bulk blown, in recyclable 15 kg bags or in 1-ton Big Bags.

Our energy product range includes wood pellets, fire logs and kindling, enabling our distributor partners to offer a 100% renewable energy source.