Our know-how is rooted in our in-depth knowledge of the timber species we use and wood processing procedures. This dual competence opens up possibilities for a broad range of technical products and construction solutions. We offer a large range of structural components and cladding products:

  • planed solid timber, rough sawn timber, framing timber, battens, roof rafters, trusses etc
  • glued and engineered timber products: glulam, planed solid finger-jointed timber, glued solid timber
  • exterior and interior cladding, flooring, panelling

Thanks to flexible and cutting-edge industrial tooling and production facilities, we can offer associated services such as retail sale and cut to size products.

Industrialisation of custom production

With PIVETEAUBOIS, you benefit from the right balance between standard and custom production thanks to powerful industrial tooling, reliable production methods and permanent stocks we can respond to industrial volumes as well as bespoke orders.

Prioritise reactivity

We pride ourselves on trying to anticipate our customers’ needs and in an ever fast-moving world where lead times get smaller and smaller your business demands experts who can provide advice and solutions in real time. PIVETEAUBOIS has understood and integrated this into every stage of our processes, from our engineering department to our supply chain.

Cultivate Quality

PIVETEAUBOIS is a guarantee for quality and service throughout your project.
You can benefit from the constant support of our experts, and are assured of receiving personalized follow up from design to delivery.

Daring technological ingenuity and innovation

PIVETEAUBOIS has always shown imagination and creativity in satisfying its customers’ needs. R&D at PIVETEAUBOIS results in permanent technical innovations, numerous new products, unique manufacturing tools, created and designed by PIVETEAUBOIS based on the needs of its customers and market trends.